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Overall mobile concrete mixing plant

Overall mobile concrete mixing plant, it is in a large bottom frame made of steel made from
left to right with a bolt connected to the mixing device, cement feed screw conveyor, belt
conveyor feeding sand, cement metering device, sand Stone metering device, sand storage
means and dosing means storing it catchment, stone, sand, cement and other materials,
measurement, feeding, mixing into one, thus forming a mobile concrete mixing plant easy. It
has a compact, Overall mobile concrete mixing plants easy installation and transportation, production efficiency, especially for
small venues, as well as use in road construction.
A holistic mobile concrete mixing plant, consists of motor, reducer, sub-feeding device,
sand, stone storage means, sand, stone metering device metering device cement, sand, stone
feeding belt conveyor, cement feed screw conveyor, stirring equipment, etc., wherein: On
the outsole welded steel frame (12), from right to left in turn, provided with: bolted
together on
concrete mixer truck for sale the large bottom frame (12), a sand steel bracket stone reservoir feeding
device (6), which consists of three different materials can be loaded silos, and therefore
above the sand, stone reservoir feeding device (6) is bolted to the frame, and a dosing
device (7) In the bottom of sand, stone material storage device, set up a sand, stone
metering device (5) connected together by bolts and outsole frame (12) bracket, which
includes weighing hopper (8) and said lever (9 ), on the left sand, stone metering device
(5) is associated with a large bottom frame (12) to set up a cement metering device (4) on
the steel bracket bolted, which includes metering hopper (10) and said lever (11 ), the
upper metering hopper (10) set up two cement inlet, a stirring device on the left cement
metering device (4) is to use a bolt with a large bottom frame (12) (1) and the motor
reducer, stirring the device (1) of the upper cover, set cement and cement feed mouth feed
screw conveyor (2) and sand feeding belt conveyor (3) is connected to the output, gravel
inlet and the distribution tube ; cement feed screw conveyor (2) obliquely connected with
the large end of the frame with a bolt (12) having an output port and a stirring device
cement feed (1) on the port is connected to the input port and cement metering device (4 )
is connected to the lower end of the weighing bucket, sand feeding belt conveyor (3) is
also Concrete mixing equipment suppliers connected with the large end of the frame with a bolt (12), which includes a
horizontal conveyor belt section and inclined conveyor belt segment, its inclined conveyor
belt segment ends inlet connected to the stirring device gravel (1) on the horizontal
conveyor belt section arranged below the sand metering device (5) of the metering hopper

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