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Concrete mixer using the process of security issues

Concrete mixer using the process of security issues

A concrete mixer uses can be divided into: works with concrete mixer, concrete mixer civil; according to concrete mixer feeding can be divided in different ways: to enhance the concrete mixer, concrete mixer bucket climb. Concrete mixer on Japanese Mini concrete pump for sale the model, but during the operation of the safety problem is the same. Use concrete mixer process should pay attention: the concrete mixer use, do not allow sand to fall into the machine running part, so as not to damage the moving parts jammed. After lifting the hopper concrete mixer, can not fight under someone through or staying, so as not to brake failure accidents. If you must repair or clean-up work in the concrete mixer hopper, forcibly it shuts down and pull the chain on the hopper with the insurance firm. Concrete mixers work, security issues must be cautious concrete mixer.

Concrete mixer -JDC series after lifting mixer maintenance

JDC series lifting concrete mixer is part of a single horizontal axis compulsory concrete mixer, so JDC Series Lifting compulsory concrete mixer, also known as engineering concrete mixer, concrete can PLD series concrete batching machine composed of small models Simple concrete mixing station mixing equipment. After maintenance work JDC series concrete mixer used: Maintenance work is very simple, the end of every work shift JDC series of concrete mixers, concrete mixing tank should be to inject the right amount of water to clean the tank, to prevent residual concrete material in the tank body coagulation; Stationary Portable Small Concrete Pump For Sale
concrete mixer shaft seal should not inject lubricant once three hours, no one should be carried out sewage oil; concrete mixers regularly to check the clearance between the blade and the liner, the gap is too large to pass between the blade and the spiral liner link The adjustments in the range of 1-4 mm.

About UMC produced small size concrete mixer

UMC is a specialized manufacturer of concrete machinery, and our product range, variety. Main commodities: concrete mixers, concrete mixing plant, concrete batching plant, cement silo, screw conveyor. About Our concrete mixer have a lot to introduce products, mainly to introduce our small size concrete mixer. There are different series of concrete mixers, concrete mixer so different series are small models. JZC series crawl bucket concrete mixer drum of the smallest model is: JZC300 climb bucket concrete mixer drum; JZC300 ladder concrete mixer drum also belongs to a small model mixer; JZM series friction roller type concrete mixer smallest model is: JZM350 friction roller-type concrete mixer; smallest model JDC series lifting concrete mixer drum is: JDC350 lift concrete mixer drum; JS series twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer smallest model is: JS500 compulsory twin shaft concrete mixer. Small models of concrete mixer is not only that production on some small, like JS500-type twin-shaft compulsory truck-mounted concrete boom pumps concrete mixer production volume reached sized construction machinery use.

Recommended because JZC Series Diesel concrete mixer

It stands to reason that JZC350 diesel concrete mixer drum can not be the manufacturer’s recommended products, but we recommend thedasion machinery, highly recommended JZC350 diesel concrete mixer drum is there is a certain reason. Recommended reason JZC350 diesel concrete mixer drum: drum diesel concrete mixer is a work not only make electricity, but also can no longer work without electricity situation, that is to use diesel fuel to work, so that in use on it than the average superior to some of the concrete mixer; production quality diesel concrete mixer drum well, it does not because of the different modes of production varies; diesel concrete mixer drum is commonly used in the concrete mixer drum outlet for a wide range.

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